California Songstress Sami Grisafe who has been described having a voice like Melissa Etheridge and an arm like Joe Montana, has unveiled the video for ‘All-Un-American.’ In the vein of classic protest songs, the anthemic track was written as a direct answer to Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great’ slogan. The video showcases Sami’s band playing on stage with archival historical footage of big moments in American History behind them and projected on them.

Sami talks about the inspiration behind the song: “When I reflect on the recent tragic events of the killing of the people in Orlando, the shootings of Alton Sterling, Philander Castile and the police officers in Dallas, I feel that what we need most in America is unity. And, to me Trump represents division, not unity. I wrote the song to beg the question about who we want to be as Americans.”

The song is produced by Colin Wolfe, who has worked as a musician and/or producer with a diverse range of artists from Dr. Dre to Michael Jackson. Sami adds: “Football taught me the only way to overcome an obstacle is to work hard and work together. Music taught me to listen. America taught me we are all created equal. These lessons are the reason I must do my best to make sure Donald Trump and the rhetoric he spews is shut down.”