Eddy Bayes “Motionless”


Delivered with passion and precision, Eddy Bayes creates a perfectly paired down kind of folk with “Motionless”. By focusing on the absolute essentials Eddy Bayes revels in uncluttered arrangements. Everything appears to be so crystal clear throughout from the nimble expressive guitar work to the strong strings that weave their way in and out of the mix. Serving as the heart of the track are his articulate lyrics, contemplative in nature. Throughout it all it is the lyrics that lead the way forward. Keeping this as the center of the piece the song feels akin to a journey as Eddy Bayes opts for a poetic delivery, explaining how love can change a person.

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Without wasting any time, the song’s sparse and effective work begins in earnest. Accompanied by only the guitar at first Eddy Bayes explores some of the fear that can seep into a life, the fear of love, the fear of what might happen to those most cherished in a life. Once the strings are brought into the mix the piece takes a particularly tender tone as the string lift up ever so gently, revealing a darker sort of impulse. Eddy Bayes reveals a worry about what happens when a person gets too wild, are they able to find peace, or will they merely try to continue down that path, as it is an intrinsic part of their nature?

Eddy Bayes taps into the best of a quiet emotional sound with the moving work of “Motionless”.


By Beach Sloth