Embroidered bed sheets are in high demand among today’s homeowners. They come in various shades, sizes, colors, textures and most importantly stitching materials. If you are looking for something, which can transform your interiors simply with its presence, then embroidered bed sheets are your ultimate solution.

It is an age-old needlework where pictures and designs are created by stitching one material over another. Generally, wool, wire, leather and thread are used to stitch into woven fabric. These days, embroidery in a large scale is done by machines, unlike in ancient times when hand embroidery was an artistic expertise.

We are now going to look at a few embroidery designs that adorn bed sheets.

# Butterflies
Butterflies large and small stitched in the bright thread can prominently shine up your bed sheet. The butterflies can be present in the four corners of the sheet diagonally, with their antennas facing the middle of the sheet. However, you have to make sure that the bed sheet you are buying has a soft shade, so that the butterflies at the corners look conspicuous.

In the event that the sheet comes with a pair of pillow covers, the butterflies can adorn them with their fluttering presence. Whether the butterflies are designed vertically or horizontally, in the corner or in the middle of the pillow cover, you can realize the way, in which they alter the aura in your room.

# Owls
Sleepy owls have adorned bed sheets from time immemorial. Lining the borders of the sheets, the owls perched on top of horizontal branches render a retrospective look to your bed sheet and to your bedroom. You can match the owl colors with the color of the paint on your room’s wall. A pair of large owls sitting on a branch and dozing off to sleep makes for a wonderful craft on the sheets.

# Hummingbirds
With butterflies and owls decorating your embroidered bed sheets, hummingbirds cannot be very far from the list. When stitched throughout the body of the bed sheet, you can feel the sweet humming of the birds near your ears. These sheets are ideal to put your child to sleep. Sing a lullaby to him or her and bring to life the pictures on the sheet. You can be rest assured that your child will fall into deep sleep fraught with sweet dreams of the charming birds.

The pillow cases can have the birds designed in one corner, so that every time your child turns to that particular side, he or she can face the hummingbird and feel its soothing tone lulling him or her to the world of sweet reverie.

# Red Riding Hood
A Red Riding Hood design on the sheets can be perfect, if you are looking for a cute craft for your daughter. Make her feel loved and pampered with the adorable picture of the lovely Red Riding Hood. The red color of the little girl should contrast with the light shade of the sheet. You can choose a white, light pink, wild lilac, light green or any other low intensity hue. This will make the total impact worthwhile.

These were some of the designs to adorn your bed sheets. The embroidery on the sheets will render a glowing appeal to the overall appearance of your bedroom. Whether it is the master bedroom of your home or a lovely nursery for your child, the perfect embroidery on the bed sheets can offer you exactly what you are looking for.