The characters we’ve all loved for so long were cleverly entwined by J.K. Rowling, and then the story entered the realm of film, adding the visual effects that today’s movie technology can offer. With perfect casting and exceptional sets, the Harry Potter films just kept getting better. Now they are behind us, wouldn’t it be nice to take a peek into the making of these epics?

Production Preservation
The Harry Potter films were being made as the books were being released, and the production crew saved many of the intricate items used, thinking they may need to use them again. This is unusual in the film making business, as most of the props are destroyed.

Warner Bros have a studio near Watford, in a village called Leavesden, where all eight of the Harry Potter movies were made. Harry Potter Studio Tour Packages can take you into the world of Dumbledore and wizards, giving you a unique insight into the making of the movies.

Tour Inclusions
This unique walking tour includes a look behind the scenes at some of the animatronics technology used to create such stunning effects. The walking tour also includes the following:

The Great Hall
Located just off the Entrance Hall in Hogwarts Castle, the Great Hall was the setting for all meals. The venue where the students received the daily owl posts, and certain important ceremonies, making it a very special place. To actually stand in the same room, which is preserved to this day, takes you inside the fantasy world of Harry Potter, reliving the story one more time.

Hogwarts Castle
Officially known as, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, this was the primary setting for the first six books. In the story, Hogwarts Castle was in Scotland, but the studio effects people crafted a perfect scaled-down version of the magical school. This miniature Hogwarts Castle is a wonder to see, and was used for all the aerial shots.

Dumbledore’s office
This circular room was full of weird noises, with strange steel instruments standing on spindle-legged tables. The scene of so many despairing moments for Harry, the headmaster’s study has its own special ambience, with portraits of previous headmasters and mistresses, all gently snoozing in their frames.

Diagon Alley
Set in the cobbled streets of London, just behind a pub called The Leaky Cauldron, Diagon Alley is a mixture of wizardry shops and restaurants. In the story, all items on the Hogwarts Supply List can be purchased there. The special effects people pulled out all the stops to produce something magical, a stroll down the mystical walkway will make you feel part of the plot.

Comprehensive service
Taking the tour usually means stopping over, and your tour company can provide overnight accommodation. With three-day tour packages, the option is there for a longer stay, should you wish to really delve into the world of wizards and flying objects. They can provide a bus tour of London, with its own Harry Potter twist, along with other mystery tours that all fans will enjoy.