Keith Hines Production X Tammi T – “Dance with a Stranger”

dance with a stranger graphic_POST

Immaculately produced by Keith Hines, Tammi T’s “Dance with a Stranger” is an incredible ode to the power of house music. Tammi T’s voice rises above tying everything together with fiery passion. Attention to detail is absolutely stunning from the physicality of the bass to the crisp handclaps. What truly serves as the heart and soul of the track is the careful story that grows ever larger in scope and size as the song progresses. By taking this particular tact Tammi T is able to show exactly how it feels to lose love out on the dance floor.

Opening things with grandeur the song wastes no time in getting started. An instant pulse guides the song forward. From here everything comes into full bloom as the piece progresses ever so satisfyingly. The vocals echo out into the distance as Tammi T shows off her impressive chops. Gradually elements of the story come into focus as the disappointment of a romance that was never meant to be. Broken hearts sadly happen as the song unfurls revealing all the unfortunate consequences that can tear people apart. With the song’s progression the piece becomes further and further into the groove, as the groove grows astounding in terms of sheer size. Bringing things to a close is particularly impressive as Tammi T’s voice soars into the sky.

Smart, stylish, with a nod to classic EDM, Tammi T’s “Dance with a Stranger” is a soulful piece of infectious pop.

Posted by Beach Sloth