“In the clip we see that Susan (Sui Zhen’s alter-ego) has moved away from her hometown to start a new. She wanted to be involved in the world instead of just sitting on the sidelines, but now she finds herself on the inside spending her days looking out. She takes comfort in her routines but something has her feeling trapped. As pieces of her memory fade away so does the woman she once was. We find her retracing her steps trying to piece together her sense of self.

Susan is the album’s namesake – a manifestation of meta-data, her personality has been cultivated from the collective anxieties, hopes and dreams of the digital documented public. Susan is also an individual, someone’s digital doppelganger. In this video she is trying to connect with her true self. I took a particular liking to mannequins wig models that manage to convey human emotion whilst simultaneously being completely vacuous simulacrum.” – Sui Zhen