Michael Flanigan – “Old Photo”


Played with passion, Michael Flanagan’ “Old Photo” is an unforgettable piece with fire in its belly. From the blistering guitar to the insistent rhythm the song refuses to let up. Throughout the piece Michael Flanagan appears to have the sound grow ever larger and more intricate. Layer upon layer of sound is woven together to create something that constantly shifts. Serving as the heart and center of the song is Michael Flanagan’s strong confident voice which leads the way forward. By opting for a clever doses of blues informing the entire track Michael Flanagan is able to create something that feels positively timeless.

“Old Photo”:

A lilting guitar introduces the song. This helps to set the atmosphere. Upon the introduction of the nimble yet powerful percussion the song truly swings forward with great fury. Michael Flanagan’s vocals rise above as he sings with brevity and wit, as he explores what a single photo can mean. Indeed, the idea of a picture saying a thousand words makes it impossible to fully understand what kind of emotion a picture can convey. Michael Flanagan makes this fully clear utilizing the ambiguity to create an unknowable thing, one whose own meaning rests in the viewer’s eyes. By doing this he creates a sense of wonder as the song steams ahead. For the final moments of the song the sound descends into a fevered pitch.

“Old Photo” is an articulate rollicking track that shows Michael Flanagan tapping into rock n’ roll’s very soul.


Posted by Beach Sloth