Oscar Vega – “Back”


Oscar Vega’s “Back” has a psychedelic sheen to it. With an effortless languid groove serving as the song’s anchor, the piece moves with such grace. This is courtesy of Mantra’s impressive production skills, as every sound shimmers in the crystal calm. Melodies shine through as it grows ever larger in size, incorporating ever greater amounts of color into the mix. By far the heart of the song is Oscar Vega’s poetic lyricism and passionate delivery. Carefully choosing his words his delivery is perfectly accompanied by the dreamy sound.

Listen and share here: https://soundcloud.com/oscarvegamusic/back

“Back” starts out with a neon-hued drone. Upon the introduction of the beat the song truly gets started. The rhythm is just perfect, with the right kind of hit. Bass frequencies are positively pitch perfect as the song moves forward with great strength. As Mantra adds more and more Oscar Vega’s voice rises above. His desire permeates the piece. Love rules over his life as he longs to get it back. This sadness hurts him as exemplified by the pain brought on, as he does not look forward to the future, to the immediate future. He hopes for a distant kind of future, when the conflict does not matter and he can find peace. Towards the end of the piece everything fully takes off as the song reaches an absolute climax before it all evaporates away.

Stylish and outright infectious Oscar Vega’s “Back” is an absolute luxurious piece, luxurious in tone.

Websites: Insta and Twitter: @oscarvegamusic

Posted by Beach Sloth