New York City-based singer-songwriter Sophie Strauss is excited to announce the release of her debut EP titled Yeah No Fine. In between shifts selling peaches at the Santa Monica farmers market, Strauss recorded Yeah No Fine at Endless Noise Studios with Jeff Elmassian and it is as much a glance at the California landscape as it is a portrait of the cramped isolation of NYC, informed by musical influences such as Van Morrison, Jenny Lewis and Fiona Apple. Stream it in full over at Bandcamp HERE.

Sophie Strauss sings “I feel I’m the devil/I feel I’m possessed/Have you ever met a woman better dressed?” in “Walk Easy” off her 2016 debut showcase, the seven-song EP titled Yeah No Fine. In lyrics equal parts self-deprecating and self-possessed, Strauss winks at her neuroses as she blends her obsession with vintage clothing and her years of experience working in a butcher shop with those perennial standbys: love and hypochondria.