Are you wondering why you never get the call or email from the company you sent your application to yet you felt and you know that you are qualified for the position? Well, there are a number of reasons why you did not get the opportunity. Most of them would have been avoidable if you would have practiced due diligence.

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Some of the reasons why you didn’t get the job include:

1. Invalid Certificates and Licenses
There are instances where the certifications you acquired re deemed irrelevant, invalid or unacceptable if they are from some institutions. In this case, your application will not be considered. In other cases, there could be an error in your certificate and since you are expected to proofread and verify all your details, the recruiter will take it as negligence on your part. This will cost you your job especially in highly competitive positions.

Always verify the name and address of school you receive the certification from, the start and finish date of your education at the school and also the name of the degree you received or honors you were awarded. This should cover high school, college and graduate studies.

2. Tainted criminal background
Employers shun potential employees with tainted criminal records. The misdemeanor charge or erroneous charge on your record should be recanted and your record cleared if you’ve never been convicted. There are understandable cases and your employer will overlook petty cases but you should not rely on this. Always ensure that you have a clean criminal record.

3. Inaccurate employment history
Before sending that resume and cover letter, verify your employment history and ensure that your work history report has all your details right. The company address, the start and end dates, ending salary, hours worked, eligibility for re-hire and the reasons why you left your previous job.

Any errors should be checked before sending your application and this prevents unnecessary surprises that could cost you your job. Your past employer could have something against you and it is important that you are made aware of this before going for the interview. Such surprises on your work history report can be embarrassing.

4. Identity Issues
You are you but there are many fraud and identity theft issues as a result if data storage online and the presence of many private and public databases with your data. Ensure that your identity and address is checked and rechecked. Your social security information should be checked and verified before your interview or job placement.

5. Failed Drug Tests
Drug testing has become a mandatory practice for most companies and they will have you tested before a promotion or a new placement. There are many cases where your saliva and urine test yields false positive results. In such cases, your new employer will get the impression that you are a drug user and you will not be considered for the job. You may lose the opportunity for a promotion or even get arrested and jailed. Therefore, you should counter check and have your drug test and history verified by certified labs for a clean history and a hire chance of getting that job.

In conclusion, there are many petty and no so petty issues that may cost you your job, confidence, and dignity. Therefore, should ensure that your previous work history is verified, education details, criminal records, drug tests/ use, and your identity is accurate. All words written on your report matters and they should only portray an image that wil please your new employer.

Author Bio
Randall Jones is an Image Consultant and a HR manager who’s worked with may corporate firms when assessing work history reports. According to him, a work history report should be up to date and with zero errors; all dates should tally and all accreditations verified. Visit his LinkedIn profile and blog for more information on recruitment processes and strategies.