Destiny – “Oblivion”


Destiny’s “Oblivion” is luxurious lush sound immaculately produced and passionately sung. Lyrically concise Destiny shows off a wide range, going from nimble quick-fire delivery to letting her voice soar towards the sky. Her lyrics revolve around the complicated dynamics of relationships. Wonderfully accompanied by an epic sweep of synthesizers and carefully crafted grooves. Brought together what results is something of true beauty, a perfectly balanced piece of pop.


The song opens up with a wave of sound. As the synthesizers flow together it resembles a wave of sound washing over all. Upon Destiny’s voice entering into the mix this drops out. A playful piano melody acts as a counterpoint to the bubbling synthesizer melody. Woven together they offer a comforting sound. Rushing through to a pinnacle of sound the song reaches a fevered pitch. Destiny sings of how she is build up by this relationship. Confusion results from the disinterest that follows, of how they are loved at first only for the love to fall off. The relationship is one of imbalance, of how a person’s love grows only to being taken away. Pain from this rejection is real as Destiny sings of all the wasted emotions on this person who cared but never cared when it ultimately mattered. Once her final words float away the song dissipates, her point proved, her sadness and disappointment real.

“Oblivion” has Destiny focus on the contradictory forces that guide a relationship and just as readily, end it.

Posted by Beach Sloth