There are number of questions that will rise in your mind. Where I will be able to find the ads that I’ve ever clicked on Google? What will Google comprehend the places I’ve visited recently? What are various interests of mine as determined by Google? Where I should go if I could not remember the password for Google apps. Are these questions sufficient for you know or more in mind?

Below are number of vital links that each Google user must be knowing. They might me hidden somewhere deep within your Google Account dashboard. Check out them and let’s go through them one by one.

1. Google makes a profile of yourself in view of the destinations you visit, your Google+ account and different signs. They attempt to figure your age, sexual orientation and hobbies and after that utilization this information to serve you more applicable promotions. Utilize this URL to know how Google sees you on the web.


2. Google stores a list of usernames and passwords that you have written in Google Chrome or Android for signing or browsing into different sites. They’ve a site as well where you can see every one of these passwords.


3. In the event that you ever locate your substance showing up on another site that is utilizing one or more Google items – say AdSense, Blogger, YouTube or Google+ – you can raise a DMCA objection with Google against that website to understand that substance uprooted. This wizard can likewise be utilized to expel sites from Google list items that are scratching your substance.


4. Google gives you a chance to fare every one of your information out of the Google environment. You can download your Google Photos, contacts, Gmail messages and even your YouTube recordings. Head over the takeout page to snatch the download joins.


5. Your Android gadget might be reporting your current information location and speed. It will check all things whether you moving or not and all information goes back to Google servers. Head over to the Google Maps site to see your whole area history and you additionally have the alternative to fare this information as KML records that can be seen inside Google Earth or even Google Drive.


6. Google and YouTube record each pursuit term that you’ve ever written or talked into their inquiry boxes. They even keep a log of each Google advertisement that you have tapped on different sites, each YouTube video you’ve viewed and, in the event that you are a Google Now client, you can likewise see a log of all your sound search inquiries. Okay Google.



7. Make another Google Account utilizing your current email address. The customary sign-up procedure utilizes your @gmail.com address as your Google account username yet with this unique URL, you can utilize whatever other email address as your username.


8. You have to login to your Gmail account at any rate once in 9 months if it’s not done Google may end your record as per their terms and conditions. This can be an issue in the event that you have various Gmail accounts so as a workaround; you can setup your primary Gmail account as the trusted contact for your optional records. Therefore Google will continue sending you updates in few to just remind you that you please login into other accounts.


9. Google always notifies you when you sign in from different ip it send you email every time ip changes which is something exclusive. If you feel worried that someone else is using your account, you can simply open the activity page to see who is sign in and who is logged in along with ip address and geographic location. One disadvantage you cannot log out remotely out of this session


10. This is a finished rundown of web applications, program augmentations, Google Scripts and versatile applications that have any perused or compose access to your Google information. In the event that the authorization level says “access to essential record data”, it fundamentally implies that you have utilized your Google record to sign-into that application.


Concluding with one url useful for google app users
There is one extra thing for users who are using google apps. This is critical yet undocumented URL for Google Apps clients. On the off chance that your Google Account ever gets hacked, utilize this mystery connection to reset your administrator secret word. You’ll be requested that confirm your space name by making a CNAME record in your DNS.


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