Sarantos – “Dreamer”


Strong and full of confidence, Sarantos taps into the best of early 90s indie rock with “Dreamer”. Downright incredible Sarantos shows off his impressive vocal and lyrical might throughout the song. Tender in nature Sarantos expresses the utmost of compassion for others, while he expresses an unbridled sense of optimism about the world. Maintaining such a lyrical balance throughout the song Sarantos sings with true passion. Accompanying him is a powerful riff and rhythm which plays with absolute freedom. By far the most enjoyable aspect is how the guitar solos happen to effortlessly sync up with Sarantos’s expression of pure freedom.


A driving rhythm introduces “Dreamer”. Above the masterful display a guitar soars above. Upon all of this dropping out comes a quiet moment of introspection as Sarantos sings of how others view his dreaminess. His love guides him forward as the song increases in intensity. Bass is particularly fine, with just the right level of physicality, creating a perfect kind of groove. With each additional cycle the song gains greater power. Sarantos explores the concept of devotion for while one might be a dreamer they are the sort of person who often is the best, most reliable kind of person. Such compassion flows from dreamers and their tireless efforts to make the world a better more fulfilling kind of place.

Sarantos sings a song for the dreamers, the idealists, those who make a great difference in people’s lives on “Dreamer”.

Posted by Beach Sloth