Rayne Michael – “Someone Please”


Sung with true passion, Rayne Michael’s “Someone Please” effortlessly combines elements of R&B and industrial into a satisfying whole. A catchy melody leads the way. This, coupled with a strong and steady rhythm, gives it strength. Rayne Michael works at letting the flourishes of sound, the subtle yet powerful cascading keyboards, perform their vital task in letting the swirl of sound take full effect. Tying the song together is Rayne Michael’s vocals which have greater depth to them.

Audio: http://raynemichael.bandcamp.com/track/someone-please

Without a word the song’s groove starts things on a high note. How the groove gradually evolves is incredibly satisfying. As Rayne Michael’s voice becomes ever clearer and more intimate, the lyrics follow the same tragedy. Poetic in nature the song appears to be a search for love and meaning. Looking for sense the lyrics have great purpose trying to search for meaning in an empty lonely void. Sparkling melodies only further emphasize this fact as the industrial churn’s steady repetition emphasizes the grey cold loneliness. Rayne Michael balances this sadness, this infinite longing, alongside occasional glimpses of something like togetherness, like a relationship. As the song grows ever larger Rayne Michael questions how to know oneself and one’s own choices without any sort of guidance. The piece revolves around this idea. By the time Rayne Michael’s voice reaches a fevered pitch at the end the vocals completely drop out, letting the song gradually fade away.

Truly unique with a rich palette of sound, Rayne Michael’s “Someone Please” is an expertly crafted piece of pop.


Posted by Beach Sloth