Bottled water comes in such a variety of presentations from simple and inexpensive varieties to fancy packaging and over the top prices. Did you know that Americans spend over $4 billion every year on bottled water? This equally means there are four billion plastic bottles being discarded or hopefully recycled every year if each bottle costs a dollar. A lot of plastic, energy, shipping and handling costs every year for water is a seemingly abundant resource. Bottled water has one of the largest carbon footprints on the environment today. Water bottling companies today use all kinds of advertising gimmicks to get people to buy bottled water and millions of Americans are falling for it every year. Luckily, you can save money by using a water purification system at home such as AquaOx Filters.

Bottled water vs water filters
One of the reasons why many people buy bottled water is because they believe that tap water is no good. This could be true to some extent depending on the water source or quality of water in the area. However, the quantity of bottled water you get per unit price is not nearly worth all the fuss. You can equally get pure, mineral salt free and bacteria free water using a water purification system. These purification systems have a series of layers of purifying media that target specific contaminants in the water. Buying a water filtration system could save you from the myriad of costs that go into the unit price of each bottled water.

Cost comparison
For a healthy body, you should consume at least eight glasses of water in a day, and up to two gallons for the entire day. If you buy water in a twelve ounce water bottle, you can be paying exorbitant costs per year for drinking water alone. At one dollar per bottle, a family of four may spend up to $5000 a year on water. Compare this with buying a water filter system for your home. A water filter system can cost as little as $3000 and comes with an estimated lifespan of about ten years. There is a huge difference is cost and lots of savings to make. In ten years, you can use the money you save from buying bottled water for a luxury vehicle! The best part about the filtration system is you can place it at the water inlet source so all the water that comes through your faucets will have been purified by the filter.

Besides saving you a lot of money, the filtration system is much more convenient to bottled water. If you have young children around the house, then you know by now that they will eat or drink just about anything. You can be sure that if they draw some water out of the faucet in the bathroom, it will be as safe to drink as the one in the kitchen. You can find water filtration systems with large capacities to handle all the water outlets in your home.

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