Parson James has also recently premiered the official video to his current single “Temple.” Directed by Olivia Malone, the simple yet inspirational video represents the struggle Parson James faced as a teen, growing up in the south as a bi-racial gay man. “I tried to please people for so long and alter who I was as a person to fit in when in realty all I needed to do was learn to love myself. The message is celebratory and is ultimately depicting a coming to realization of being proud of who you truly are.” Parson explains of the video. “With casting I wanted to make sure I had a completely diverse cast trans/queer/gay/people of color celebrating who we are as human beings and being absolutely proud of that. The video takes you through a completely dark and lonely place and ends with a complete moment of self-love and true pride. Which can apply to any and everyone who has felt the need to change for another person/people.”