Rev Peter Unger – “Angels Wear the Strangest Faces”


“Angels Wear the Strangest Faces” shows off Peter Unger’s celebration of the everyday heroes. His lyrics focus on those who make the world a better place in ways that people often take for granted. Peter Unger describes a wide plethora of individuals from caregivers to teachers, those who change lives in small yet ultimately significant ways. By focusing on these small stories Peter Unger displays a knack for storytelling and the details that can come to define a life. Accompanied by delicate guitar playing Peter Unger has a deliberate perfect pace as he reflects on the world that often is taken for granted.

“Angels Wear the Strangest Faces” by Peter Unger

Deliberate and ornate guitar work introduces the song. A languid smooth rhythm starts to form. Peter Unger’s voice appears reflecting a sense of calm with a rich deep voice. His concise vocal delivery meshes perfectly with the crisp clean sound of the guitar. The individual in his story is merely a regular person, a person who sees the need to comfort another because it is the human thing to do. Upon reflecting on this individual he turns to those devoted to shaping young minds. Good teachers deserve an incredible amount of respect for that is a difficult and arduous path to follow. Kindness and hope dwell is never exactly where it is expected.

On “Angels Wear the Strangest Faces” Peter Unger creates an optimistic lovely song that sings the praises of those who make a difference when nobody else does.

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