Music literally has power over human emotions. Have you ever listened to a song that made you happy, sad, think, cry, dance, or just made you want to sit and listen as close as you could? If so, you’ve felt the emotional power of music.

It is music’s emotional power over people and their emotions that makes it healing. It’s healing to the mind, the body, and the soul. It’s just as healing for the young as it is for the old. It can heal mental issues, mood issues, and even broken hearts.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is similar to art therapy in that it helps people express their emotions. This is great for people that have a hard time expressing feelings and emotions, and it also works well for helping people with emotional problems sort through them. When someone that is depressed listens to happy music it often helps pull them up out of their depression.

Music therapy can be used for children with autism, it can be used for Alzheimer’s patients, it can also be used in rehab for people suffering from addictions. Often, there is an underlying reason someone becomes an addict, usually a mental illness of some sort, making music therapy one good way to reach them and heal them.

Music And Meditation

Meditation is also used in my healing therapies, from addiction to depression. One of the things that helps many people get into that meditative state is music. You need a calming type of music, often instrumental, to use for meditation.

While you don’t have to have music to meditate, it can help people that find it hard to focus within themselves. It can help you relax and help you calm and clear your mind. You’ll also find that many guided meditations have music or nature noises in the background.

Music And Motivation

Music is also a great motivator. If you find it hard to get up and do your daily workout, try playing some music you find hard not to dance to. It can get you up and get you moving pretty quickly. The more of a beat it has, the more you will move to it.

Since fitness is another thing that can help heal your mind and body, why not integrate some music with it and get your groove on. Some good cardio to some fun music will get those endorphins flowing, and not only will you be burning calories, but you’ll be in a great mood.

Music can do so many amazing things. People even believe that playing music on women’s stomachs when they are pregnant can help babies develop better and be smarter and healthier. Now, if that isn’t some amazing healing power, then what is?