Corlyx are taking electro music to a completely new level, melting beautifully arranged pop melodies and glamour with an affection towards the grotesque. The singer-songwriter duo Brandon Ashley and Caitlin Stokes have created a unique sound of their own which has been praised by people such as Chris Pitman of Guns’n’Roses who recently shared their music on his facebook page . The project is a collaboration of two experienced musicians who have both had a long history of dealing with personal tragedies through creating their own cosmos of musical enlightenment.

Corlyx’ first single release ‘Starlet’ is a powerful track that combines different musical influences and backgrounds of the two band members ranging from electro/goth to industrial rock while at the same time underlined by harmonies and enticing vocals. The song draws on the band’s experience with Los Angeles and a lifestyle which leads many young girls to sell their souls for fame.