Canary Burton – “Raggity Three Step”


Elegant and refined, Canary Burton’s “Raggity Three Step” is a pure joy. With crystal clarity Canary Burton weaves together elements of ragtime with classical to create an unique universe. Restrained at all the right moments Canary Burton plays with a sense of confidence. Veering from absolute softness to outright exuberance, the song manages to cover quite a bit of ground within its duration. Carefully crafted Canary Burton twists and turns within her piece, giving the song a sense of exploration. Indeed Canary Burton ensures that there is quite a number of stylistic variations resulting in a dazzling array of textures.

The pianist is not Canary but Roxana Bajdechi, a Romanian concert pianist, now living in Boston where she does lots of brilliant playing. You see, pop artist’s play their own music. Often classical composers can’t play their own music because they are writing out ahead of themselves or they won’t play it for emotional reasons. Hence they have lovely women like Roxana.


Subdued at first the song blooms forth revealing great color. Canary Burton’s light delicate touch is a true joy as her impeccable style allows for a great deal of freedom. Remarkably catchy the song is filled with moments of pure discovery. Flourishes flow out of the piece showing off her deft skill. By letting her work quite literally bounce about the song has a jazz-like lightness to it. Her dedication to building the song up ever so gradually reveals a great deal of deeper layers. Repeated listens are a must for the complexity of the piece is astounding. Patterns upon patterns permeate the piece until the song’s satisfying finale, where Canary Burton lets it all converge.

“Raggity Three Step”

“Raggity Three Step” shows off Canary Burton’s impressive skill. Her piano positively radiates under the power of a true master.

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