Shoko Igarashi Organ Trio – ‘Alarm Call’


Irresistibly smooth “Alarm Call” shows off the Shoko Igarashi Organ Trio’s impressive chops. From the nimble drumming of Kazuhiro Odagiri to the playful work of Takafumi Suenaga on organ, everything comes together. By far the heart and soul of the album pours out of Shoko Igarashi’s tenor saxophone. Remarkably expressive Shoko Igarashi’s work on the tenor saxophone is an absolute thrill. Throughout the album all three have ample space in which to display their ample talent whether it is showing off the drumming flourishes on “Afro Centric” or the gleaming organ work on the title track. Impeccable fidelity helps capture all of this as the songs feel so positively intimate.

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On the aptly named “Tune One” things begin with crystal clarity. Shoko Igarashi’s saxophone effortlessly blends with the light brushes of the drum and the shimmering melodies that emanate from the organ. Going for a more mysterious and shadowy approach is the subdued work of “All of You”. Here the light night vibe works wonders as the mellowed groove guides the song along. Slowly but surely the entire band plays the song as if waking from a dream as the song becomes increasingly more active towards the end. With a languid tempo “Vanity” serves as the most introspective song in the album. Ending things on an ambitious note is the album highlight “Pons”. Right from the beginning the whole band comes together to create an sprawling immersive piece.

The Shoko Igarashi Organ Trio’s “Alarm Call” proves that modern jazz can be full of life and vigor. Joyful, elegant, and full of bright colors “Alarm Call” simply astounds.

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