Mleo – “Ridiculous” (Single)


Absolutely a memorable moment in time from Mleo…I’m loving this new single “Ridiculous” – this is entirely rad throughout its every second. From the west-coast & based out of Sacremento & L.A. – I bet you’ll hear what I’m hearing here in this single; these four deserve an incredible shout-out for the energy they can put into a song…and by proxy, a person’s day.


As I’ve mentioned many times…we often jump to words like ‘crossover’ too quickly – but in the case of Mleo…this is damn justified… “Ridiculous”(ly) justified in fact. With a blend of alternative, indie, jazz, and pop…there is an absolutely beautiful rhythm and pulse to their new song that is so precise, on-point and ferociously-delivered that I’m telling you right here and right now; don’t mistake the pleasant vibe for anything other than what it really is…this band is a full-on knockout and will make your head-spin with the passionate-punches in their pop-inspired-rock. Mleo is here and embracing their moment in time – and you can hear the absolutely phenomenal enthusiasm, love and overall approach they have to their music.

And you know what? You SHOULD be able to hear it…cause “Ridiculous” is about as exciting as music can truly get.

There is a truly powerful voice in this band…and her name is Audrey Reed, who is an audible world-class talent that fits somewhere in between Regina Spektor and The Cardigans Nina Persson. Would she be THIS incredible without the wicked tune that bandmates Victor (Guitar), Nick (Bass) and Elias (Drums) cooked up? Chances are…well…YES..Audrey has style for miles…and it’d be impossible to not hear her stand out on this new track or likely anything you’d find her to be involved in. She’s a young lady…and a real confident diva when it comes to the vocal-department; again, she should be…I’ve seen & heard people twice her age that will never find the confidence and approach that Audrey already owns. She is a world-class kind of superstar-talent…and there’s no denying that when you listen to how passionate, powerful and truly widespread in octave-range her voice is. Gentlemen of Mleo…I say this with all honesty…it’s going to take a massive amount of skills & solo-work to ever outshine that sound in her voice.

In fact, I’d challenge you all to have a listen to this tune and somehow tell me I’m crazy afterwards. After a blur of sound coming straight at you, “Ridiculous” bursts brightly into a clever combined rhythm from Victor that’s filled-in through what Nick’s bringing to the bass in behind Audrey’s gentle, angelic & stylistic vocal-rhythm in the words. Add a little bit of Elias in there…and this track is rolling along smoothly and confidently less than a minute in and building steam with every second. Brilliant melody brought to life all the way throughout this song…you can choose the guitar, the vocals, the writing…it all just soars and soars. As it heads towards the three-minute mark, Audrey lets loose a hint at the grand finale to come – as if somehow the level & bar needed yet still to be raised even further. Amazing!

The end result is one incredibly stellar and stunning melody, rhythm and groove from Mleo…they should be exceptionally proud of this release and new-single. And Audrey should win a medal for holding that final note for about fifteen or twenty seconds straight as she belts out the last highlight before the song breaks off to its end. I already can’t get enough of “Ridiculous” and absolutely can’t wait to hear more from this focused band of wildly-charismatic musicians; they bring passion & heart straight to the forefront in equally impressive doses and absolutely shine on their new single. Purely awesome – this band could end up being one very, very big deal…get your ears ready to make time for Mleo.

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