Starting the New Year a special Television episode produced by Hydra Management and Bongo Boy TV will come to your living room on your television set. It is THE EPISODE you don’t want to miss. A total of 54 TV channels will broadcast this special television presentation. The official launch premieres on January 2,2016 in Brooklyn with the following TV channels: Channel 34 with Time Warner Cable, Channel 67 with CableVision, Channel 82 with RCN and on Channel 42 with FiOS Verizon in Brooklyn and as well in all the Boroughs of New York City. Well over 17 Million Households will be reached coast to coast with Bongo Boy TV distribution of the syndicated TV show series on 54 TV channels. Cities like Nashville, TN Ch9, as well as San Francisco, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Portland, Or and many other cities and town across the USA will have the opportunity to watch this special television presentation.

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Hydra Management’s artist Conceptz is the number 1 emerging artist in Hip Hop today. They have had two Billboard top 100 Singles in a row as well as being on the ballot for consideration for the 58th Grammy Awards®. Currently they have three videos in rotation internationally and are poised to drop their new single “Multiply” in January 2016.

This special television presentation is hosted by Radio host and entertainer Miss Twitty from Washington DC. Miss Twitty will introduce the Hip Hop duo Highrowglyphix and Short Fuze aka Conceptz and gives you the opportunity to learn more about their hard work in today’s music industry. You will conclude for yourself if hard work does pay.

The TV episode is filled throughout with Conceptz’ latest music videos. We are proud to introduce the viewers to The World Exclusive Premier of their brand new music video “Multiply”. Also pay attention to Conceptz music video “Funky 5” which was on the 58th Grammy Awards® ballot. We will learn why they call themselves Conceptz and what it takes to grow as a recording artist today.

Grammy Members and Bongo Boy TV producers Gar Francis and Monique Grimme have seen it firsthand the growth and progress of Conceptz music career. Bongo Boy TV was introduced to Conceptz back in 2014 as one of their earlier music videos was placed on the Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV show series. Others shortly followed and each music video production was more impressive than the last one. Conceptz music tracks are also featured on Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume series in Asia. This Hip Hop duo knows their path to success and it is great to see that their management company Hydra Management Services LLC guides them on the path that Bongo Boy is a part of. Making it available for hard working artists to show their Independent music on National Television and to be heard in today’s latest music market Asia. The Guide to Success for Emerging Artist is emerged from hard work and networking with teams like Hydra Management and Bongo Boy.

We welcome other artists as well as music enthusiasts to watch this January for The Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV show series Episode 1070 “All Work, No Play” The Guide To Success For Emerging Artist.

The Bongo Boy Rock N’ Roll TV Show is produced by Grammy members Gar Francis and Monique Grimme and is fully funded by sponsorships from all the indie musicians and their affiliations in each episode and Bongo Boy Records. Bongo Boy TV produces and distributes The Bongo Boy Rock N’ Roll TV Show which puts the spotlight on independent artists and their music videos worldwide on 54 TV channels. All TV episodes are always available on the web at:

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Since 2014 Bongo Boy TV also distribute every TV episode on Go Indie TV Roku Channel which is available in The USA, The UK and Canada.

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