One of the simplest and most effective quality of life additions that you can make to your everyday routines is to have music available whenever you want it. It sounds strange initially to some people that something that small could make such a difference in attitude for people, but then when they try it they’re amazed.

So, five ways that you can add music into your life include having music available on the go, buying a music subscription, getting a portable mini-speaker that you can use wherever, adding music to your bedtime routine, and preparing music for car rides in advance.

Use Music on the Go

Music moves you, and can move with you as well! And even more alternative ways of travel now have music options with them, and manufacturers are getting creative about how they can add small speaker systems or bluetooth availability into everything from scooters to skateboards to bicycles, to anything with wheels and some sort of electrical capability, really.

Buy a Music Subscription

Sometimes it’s hard to work with the music you already have, so a solution to that is to buy a music subscription. Some of the more common ones are Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music, and all three are great options for either just having access to the music you already know, or finding new stuff on a regular basis. Again though, it’s one of those things that you have to get used to, and to incorporate into your other habits, in order to get the most out of it over time.

Get a Portable Mini Speaker

Another way to get more music into your life, and at a bit higher quality than you’d expect, is to buy a little portable bluetooth speaker that can sync with your phone. You can carry the small ones with you anywhere, and they have lots more volume and much better clarity than your phone speakers. This way you can have a little music concert while you’re doing things like washing the dishes.

Add it To Your Bedtime Routine

Bedtime is another great place to add music to, and if you take away things like TV time, you’ll appreciate the soothing process of audio rather than the distracting process of sitting in the same place staring at unnatural light.

Prepare Your Car Music In Advance

A final way to get more music in your life is to plan for you next car trip. It’s easy to get bored with the radio, but if you have music set up, either with CDs, MP3s, or some connection to your phone, then you’re more likely to listen to what you enjoy, rather than random things you find playing.