Lee Williams – “Fly Away”


Nobody plays the guitar like Lee Williams. Immediately sounding like a classic “Fly Away” shows off Lee Williams and his impressive undeniable chops. Thankfully he has a band that is more than able to match his level of mastery. From the physical felt as much as heard drums to the subtle yet precise bass, everything comes together to create an absolute chaotic blast of a song.


Impressive guitars announce the beginning of the song. After a few moments of the song’s structure coming together the song takes off. The forceful driving rhythm stays strong for the duration of the song remaining of the utmost importance. Staying true to this rhythm everything else stems and plays off of it careening into the cosmos. By far the highlight of the song is the impossible commanding acrobatics of Lee Williams guitar soloing. What Lee Williams can do with the guitar ought to put most to shame. Lee Williams makes the guitar positively sing. Freewheeling dynamics help to serve the song giving it a wild unhinged feeling to it. Vocals as well hover above it all giving off the sense of a long lost classic rock song. Towards the end the band completely lets loose letting it all out. Even at its most intense the song adheres to a careful sense of melodic progression, making it truly catchy and an absolute delight.

On “Fly Away” Lee Williams taps into the true heart and soul of rock n’ roll.


Posted by Beach Sloth