Billy Crain – ‘Family Matters’


Jaunty and joyful, Billy Crain’s “Family Matters” celebrates the importance of togetherness. Throughout “Family Matters” Billy Crain shows off his impressive guitar skills and masterful lyrics. With a fully formed sound and powerful vocals the entire thing follows a clear concise narrative. A sense of purpose pervades the entirety of the album as the songs document a search for something better, something truly meaningful, wide open spaces and freedom. Rhythms are riotous full of optimism. Billy Crain’s guitar and vocals serves as the heart of the album tying the many songs together.

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“Dark House” opens the album off on a passionate note, celebrating the great outdoors and leaving the indoors behind. A carefully crafted groove defines the classic rock influenced work of “True Beauty” where Billy Crain’s lyricism focuses on the beauty within a person. Earnest in delivery is the sweetness of “Family Matters” where the song slowly comes into bloom as the finale shows off Billy Crain’s amazing guitar solo. Showing off Billy Crain’s clever storytelling is the tenderness of “Family Matters”. A driving rhythm defines the expansive work of “Road Warriors”. By far the highlight of the album is the boisterous work of “Glory (Jim’s Song)”. Everything simply works from Billy Crain’s powerful delivery to the immaculate arrangement. Closing the album off on a cinematic note is the dramatic work of “1928”.

Embodying the best of country, Billy Crain’s “Family Matters” shows that real rock is alive and kicking.

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