Fat is one of the essential components of your body structure. Other components such as water and muscle are all important for the healthy and normal functioning of your organs. Essential fat is typically stored in moderate amounts to facilitate the normal functions of your body. Whole storage fat is accumulated under the skin in certain parts of the body.

Reproductive Functions

Women tend to have more essential fat than men because of the role that it plays in reproductive functions. Storage fat helps to protect your internal organs, but most of it can be done away with. The amount of storage fat that you have is likely to increase during weight gain. This is the type of fat that people want to lose when they need to reduce their weight.

Storage Fat

Storage fat should neither be excessive nor too little. Healthy body fat ranges are outlined for both male and female adults. They vary according to factors such as age. If your body fat percentage exceeds the ideal range, you risk being a victim of various health conditions that include heart disease, hypertension and cancer.

Excess Body Fat

Excess body fat can make it harder for you to breathe normally and interfere with your ability to conceive. The location of excess fat in the body is also important. The more fat that you have around your waist area, the more likely you are to develop certain diseases. It is healthier for the fat to be situated around the lower region of the body such as hips and thighs.


While avoiding high body fat percentage is desirable, it is also important to avoid body fat that is too low. Women who have excessively low body fat may have a disrupted menstrual cycle and struggles with infertility. A conception calculator can help you work out when the most ideal time for you to conceive and the approximated due date.

Menstrual cycle problems can adversely affect your bone health because such normal functions are essential for keeping your bones in good condition. You can build up your lean body mass through what is commonly referred to as resistance training that helps to strengthen your muscles.

Gaining and Losing Weight

Weight gain constitutes an increase in both body fat and lean body mass. The fat increase exceeds the amount of lean body mass, unless you are actively involved in a regular physical activity. If you need to lose weight to decrease excess storage fat and become healthier, it is advisable to use a program that will keep you hydrated as you lose fat and minimize lean body mass loss.

A good weight loss program should contain a healthy balanced diet and regular physical activity that will build muscle. Regular physical activity will speed up your metabolism, burn calories and preserve muscle while you lose fat.

Calculate Conception

Conception calculators enable you to determine when you conceive. The day of conception refers to when the baby is actually conceived. The calculator provides the ranges of days during which sexual activity can lead to conception. Visit for more information.