Tacachale Chamber Orchestra – ‘Ocean Floor Funeral’


It is 1964, mom and dad have loaded all of us kids into our modern 1960 Ford Station Wagon, we are Oceanside bound for a day of salty fun. Mom packed a picnic basket full of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, our favorite bag of crunchy delicious crisps are included, and a jug of icy-cold homemade lemonade all await our beach side arrival.

Dad rolls down the car windows, the taste of salt stings my tongue as I stick it out at the driver next to us at the stoplight. Dad starts humming a song, my eyes grow heavy and I drift off to the sound of dad humming, Tacachale Chamber Orchestra´s “What’s Your Home”.

A blend of ease and a sense of memories came flooding back to me as I listened to Tacachale Chamber Orchestra’s new album compilation, “Ocean Floor Funeral.” Immediately my mind began to reminisce back to early childhood days and a dream of comfort washed over me. Each track demands its own sensation opening with, “Wish You Were Him” lightly washing over to, “Side of the Road,” to the dreamy graces of, “Don’t Wake Up.”

A tell-tale album of someone’s blurry faded memories is how “Ocean Floor Funeral” sounds. A trip taken, and now shared in all its black and white 8 millimeter film days of memory-lane glory. Who is Tacachale Chamber Orchestra? No one really knows, as they are or he, she, it (choose your pronouns carefully) have released this gentle passive-life message, albeit at times- aggressive lyrical lullaby without much information. It is a gem of a deliverance though, and the kick to elevate this yummy album? The record contains both the lyrical versions and instrumental yarns. A great piece of adherent sounds.

PURCHASE LINK: http://www.amazon.com/Ocean-Funeral-Tacachale-Chamber-Orchestra/dp/B012FAWT24

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tacachale/

Rating: 8/10