Run Downhill – SPURS #2​.​2​/​Midnight Road Trip


Run Downhill is here again with another successful outing from musician/writer T.J. Troy a Grammy award winner in the Best Classical Compendium category. Similarly to the first issue, SPURS #2.2/Midnight Road Trip has a couple of components that is comic drawn by Chris McFann; written by Troy and an EP recorded by Troy’s band. Another similarity with the first issue is the perfect blending of music and comic that creates a whole new dimension to this release. When you listen to the EP while watching the comics, you notice the outstanding honest and heartfelt yet entertaining story told by it. It is no doubt that this release will make a resounding statement on the music scene.

The EP kicks off with a powerful introduction, the book and gradually launches into chapter 7 “Fever” and Chapter 8, “it’s all about money” both which are part of the continuing saga. This particular issue #2.2, unlike the previous issue, uses a slightly different approach; with each chapter offering a different approach to the effects of the McAllister railroad company on Kilbourn Town. If it has been long since you read the first issue, this second issue takes the time to remind you of what happened in issue one. Of course, this is from an intuitive sense assuming the constable you see in “Fever” is the replacement of the sheriff in issue one.

Well if you loved the first issue then this second one is bound to please you even further. It proceeds with the interesting and indulging look at Kilbourn Town. “Fever” explores the recurrent constable paying a visit to a murder suspect while “It’s All about Money” explores a fight that starts at a local bar. In a nutshell, the two chapters interestingly depict the start of a revolution against McAllister Rail Road Company, which is oppressive. As depicted in these two chapters McAllister rail company perceives that it can run Kilbourn town without being questioned.

On the art #2.2 is a huge step up from the previous issue giving you a more vivid connection to the message being passed along. The use of pencils that are minimalist and at the same instance atmospheric is one method McFann uses to deliver the art on this issue. On “Fever” the art of paneling has been used with much expertise. Panels grow during explosive scenes and shrink during intense scenes. The coloring and inking also deserve a mention. When you look at “Fever” that is the more silent of the two, a dark blue color is used while in the subsequent “It’s All About Money” McFann adopts a color red is adapted to the fight scene. The motion in the two is magical and indulging keeping you glued to the whole script.

The EP, SPURS #2.2/Midnight Road Trip is a clearly as terrific as the comic itself something you should enjoy listening to. Composed by the talented Troy, who features in on the lead vocals, piano, drums guitar and drums you can be assured of an entertaining period while paying attention. Something interesting you can note about this album is its use of traditional music paths while at the same time forging its own modern aspect.

On the delivery, Troy’s distinctive yet indulging voice is on top of all the instruments offering you not only an excellent vocal performance but also an entertaining one. The EP fulfills the essence of listening to music, which is entertainment. Also, it is a piece of work that the world audience can relate to and enjoy. There will be no surprises to see this latest release surging up the music charts.


Review by Becky McGee