Never Young is a noise rock band from the Bay Area in California. Blending raw punk sounds and 90’s guitar music with a synthetic digital aesthetic, their rhythmic militant anthems interplay with angular pop songwriting. Principle songwriters Christopher Adams (vocals/guitar) and Nikolas Soelter (guitar/vocals) are founding members of Calculator (Count Your Lucky Stars), joined by Niko Escudero on bass and Samuelito Cruz (Happy Diving, Toner) on drums.

Never Young’s futurist sound is fleshed out and fully realized on their self-titled EP, released earlier this year; the sound of a pastel yellow iPhone 5c crashing through the window of your psyche. The EP followed 2014’s Master Copy and precedes NY Singles, the band’s new 3-song EP out October 16, 2015 on Father/Daughter Records. The limited edition cassette includes the first single, “Stress Hed”, “New Villain,” and a song exclusive to the tape, “Latex Heart.”