Alex Alexander – “Monday Morning”


Alex Alexander’s “Monday Morning” embodies the party spirit of the weekend meets the crash of Monday Morning. Upon the beginning of the tyranny of weekdays one wonders where the weekend went. There were things that occurred far beyond recollection. Weekends were made for this kind of celebration. By putting “Monday Morning” to a delightful pop hook it neatly counterbalances the level of misery that the lyrics dwell upon, upon that awful first ray of sunshine of Monday Morning.

Alex Alexander – “Monday Morning (Lyric Video)” ft. Demario SB


“Monday Morning” wastes no time in getting started. From the get-go an entire story emerges from a perfect weekend ruined by the inevitable move into the mundane. Alex Alexander explores the duality of life: from the idea that one can simply let loose after a week of restraint. The way these weekend legends come about are shown through the conversations had as pieces of the party come together. During these moments of absolute bliss awfully stupid things occur. Because of a lack of awareness they might not be able to be easily resolved. Yet the joys of the weekdays come with clarity. On the weekdays there is no distraction but rather an entire life gets put on hold to deal with the specifics. For the beauty of the weekend is exactly on Friday before anything truly begins.

Poppy with a true sense of play, Alex Alexander’s “Monday Morning” is the kind of song perfect for returning to the daily grind after the bliss of the weekend.

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