Head is a sensual synthesized experience. These are songs that dig themselves deep into the mind and refuse to leave. With the right mixture of rock, pop, and a bit of glamour, Head create brash confident songs. Instrumentally the songs are rich in detail nicely balancing out the fragile sounds with the powerful. Everything comes together so perfectly. Best of all is Lyric, whose voice commands the listener’s attention. Narratives are built throughout creating an overall portrait of a life. A wild sensibility weaves the pieces together.

The churn of the synthesizers and the gnarly guitar work defines the distorting work of “Save Me” with a message of trying to find salvation from the difficulties of life. With a brittle introduction is the genius of “Feel Your Ache” whose industrial edged rock is quite powerful. Much more cynical in tone is the edgy work of “Jesus Junkie”. Exploring the drawbacks of faith the song is a complicated look at how religion can blind their overzealous believers. Quieter in tone is the reflective, meditative work of “Darkness”. Utilizing elements of ambient the piece snakes around at a leisurely pace. Stripped away of their harder edged sound, Head proves to be quite skilled at creating a tender atmosphere. Eerie “Hypocrite” lets a jerky rhythm take over. By far the most experimental and abrasive song is “Sickness” whose queasy intersection of glitch, industrial, and noise works wonders.

A versatile band indeed Head is not afraid to explore the unseemly elements of life.


Posted by Beach Sloth