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Teachers are a vital part of our society. They help prepare younger generations to prepare for successful careers in a variety of fields, make informed and intelligent decisions, and guide them to make the world a better place. While every teacher in the United States must have a bachelor’s degree and a credential, many teachers are looking for new education-based degrees to help improve their teaching abilities.

If you want to help make the world a better place one classroom at a time, the following 4 degrees will help you achieve your goals:

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Leadership
A degree in educational leadership will not only prepare you for a managerial level position at school, it will also help develop your ability to lead fellow teachers in achieving different tasks to make your school a better learning environment. From organizational skills and public speaking skills to effective grant and proposal writing classes, you’ll be able to pitch innovative educational plans to administrators and organize community events at the same time.

2. Master’s Degree in Art Education
An art education degree, like the one offered at University of Florida is a great way to increase your teaching ability if you want to teach art in a classroom setting. Art has changed so much in the last decade. From basic painting and sculpting to the modern classroom geared towards individuals who want to learn graphic design, web design and more, art teachers now must be more familiar with a variety of technologies and tools that the modern art student needs to use. A Master’s in Art Education will assist with your abilities to prepare students for the future of the art business.

3. Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education
Early childhood education is an essential part to our educational system. Positive influences are needed in every aspect of a child’s life, and this type of degree will help you shape them for a better future. This degree will teach you about the psychology of teaching young children, what a quality curriculum plan should consist of, and how to deal with various problems in the classroom.

4. Master’s Degree in Special Education
Have you thought about making a difference in the lives of disabled children? Special education programs in public schools are essential because the community they serve struggle in so many aspects of their daily lives. For families with disabled children, the school system can be so overwhelming and frustrating to deal with that many just want to give up and often leave their children in regular classes.

This degree will cover all you need to know about teaching and dealing with special needs children. You’ll understand the ins and outs of many types of disabilities, how to work in small classroom settings, and how to adjust curriculum to fit their skill and learning levels.

Regardless of which direction you want to take as an educator, an advanced degree or second bachelor’s degree is a great way to improve your teaching abilities and enhance your resume with new skills.

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