Best Not Broken, Falling In


Taking cues from classic modern rock, Best Not Broken’s latest EP Falling In is a rich and emotive recording laced with uplifting tones and packed with instantly hummable tunes.

Opening with ‘I Won’t Stop Loving You’, we’re immediately met with an Edge-like guitar delay that similarly echoes tones created by Angels and Airwaves, and blended with Killersesque synths. As a pop rock ballad, there’s no faulting the song’s construction as a well crafted three minute pop song. The closing outro, which turns the chorus (and track’s title) into a repeated mantra leading into the closing “Don’t stop…”, makes for some pretty engaging listening. Once that’s all over, we’re straight into ‘Breaking My Heart’ – it’s becoming apparent that there’s going to be a running theme of melodrama and heartache. The opening chords are blissfully unusual, taking a few unexpected turns, and once the vocal starts things are well established in post-Killers territory. The chorus is explosively power-pop-rock, with a bit of Fountains Of Wayne that is particularly to be found in the guitar tone. Falling In holds its own the whole way through, with the edgy yet familiarity of ‘Listerine’ and hectic aggression of ‘Tell Me That You Want Me’, and closing with the 2-step influenced ‘Anarchy’ that plays to Best Not Broken’s strengths and shows a real versatility in their ability to push their own envelope.

By Chris Marsh

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