Alternative indie rockers shake up the OC music scene with new single “Everyone Pretends”, which serves as the prelude for their August EP release. Based in Anaheim, California, best friends Joel Rowland and Mark Pascale have collaborated to form the innovative band, Ostrich Run. “Everyone Pretends” is the debut release from the ambitious duo and is now available for purchase on iTunes, alongside their new music video now on YouTube.

Opening the song with a shadowy string introduction, lead singer Joel Rowland swings the track into an all-encompassing buoyant track. This memorable jam leaves you lost in a blissful trance with its catchy beat, accentuated by his impeccable vocal range and production quality. From swelling drums to a catchy hook that floods, “this time never mind, better off pretending that it’s just fine, and I know, let it go, we are hanging from a thin line”, the track embodies it all. Enlisting the support of a friend, Jake Ryan Dickens created their unique album artwork, as well as the artwork featured in their latest music video, now on YouTube.  The video depicts the process of an artist creating the bands album artwork.



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