Glue Trip is a Brazilian dream-pop duo, all the songs are written and recorded by Lucas Moura and Felipe Augusto at Lucas’ home-studio, the Apartamento 307. They live in a coastal, small city called João Pessoa, northeast of Brazil. Their music is influenced by the tropical weather and scenery of their city. They started making music together in 2012, when they released two tracks (“Tropikaoss” and “Júlio”). These two were experimental and mostly instrumental, with very little vocals. After a short hiatus, they returned to make music in their home studio and released the pop track “Elbow Pain”, which is influenced by the beach, nostalgia and the break up of a relationship. This song proved that they could transform the project into an experimental lab where they could mix pop songs and psychedelic ambiance. Lucid Dream was their fourth release this year. The idea of melodies and ambience came essentially from a dream. They are influenced by movies, graphic design, trips and everything that surrounds them. Just after releasing Sophie, they released an EP called Just Trippin, this EP is a compilation of 6 songs released in 2013 exclusively on their SoundCloud page. This year, they plan to release Just Trippin on vinyl, plus a new album and music videos.


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