Easy Company hails from Glen Rock, New Jersey. Since May 2011, they’ve written music as a DIY band that does everything from artwork, merchandising and promotion all in-house, writing songs as a collective. Each member a student of their instrument, but they compose as a unit. Adam Schlett’s natural bass tone vocals are reminiscent of a 1950’s croon, with the added aggression that gives each of his lyrics intensity and validity. His rhythm guitar meshes seamlessly with Bobby Weir’s squealing lead guitar and harmonic, backing vocals. Tommy Scerbo also offers his voice symphonically, as his bass keeps the groove, while Jack Blamonte offers exciting, pounding drums that effortlessly move the audiences’ bodies. There’s a balance that is born – a union between driving sound and melodic sway. They’re loud, but not-make-your-ears-bleed loud. They want you to hear the lyrics. Not one element of the sexy, groovy, soulful mayhem of the energy and intensity they bring should be missed.


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