Danielle Bloom, “Meet me in the Middle”


Most fans of the country music that comes out of Nashville are real people looking for sound and words that relate. When you think about it that’s pretty much everybody, but sometimes the music is so bad, so abnormally atrocious that your disappointment seems to surround everything but you at once. Ultimately you get the feeling you would much rather be in an auto accident with a 93’ Geo Metro and a 52 foot semi that survive a minute longer…but the world isn’t perfect, and today you’ve got a pub bill and a yak back that thinks its an unhappy Resident to account for. Your only hope is to survive in a Starbucks…every Tuesday and Saturday afternoon for three years straight.


Now granted nowadays its big business. Contemporary successes like Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, and Garth Brooks have put country on the map with personality and chart toppers for years. Even if you’re not really a fan though nine times out of ten you’ll meet a girl and discover that the stuff has longer arms than you think. Thing is not all of the local talent is related. Enter Nashville Native Danielle Bloom. A feisty songstress that has managed to do the virtually impossible- without flinching.

Now with so many people billed out of the place it would almost seem like commercial suicide to release a 9-track debut album under a real name anyway, so don’t expect any of the aforementioned genius to make its way into your mind when listening to this stuff. The record is quite anticlimactic, actually. It really tries to come along somehow. Stronger and fiercer than its more penitent and brothers and sisters at home around the corner. Its distinctively heavy and plain: a lot of guitars having it out in these parts. But don’t get me wrong…Bloom’s got the kitsch, the twang, and the power pipes going for her. And thats alright, sure. But the tracks don’t stand up well enough to be taken too seriously. Hard looping, dirges and slides, tip toeing pianos etc. await you. Key tracks include “You”, “I don’t care”, “Another Night”. However If you’ve no radio in the vicinity though then I suggest a good old fashioned #3 with a caramel Sunday as a suitable alternative maybe.

“ But Seriously.” Better just rent the latest divorce rate documentary though. Least that way you’ll look the part. Just be prepared for “recourse” whatever you do. That would be bad.


Robin Kale – robin.kale@e-mile.co.uk

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