You did it! You’ve got more than ten people showing up to your gigs! They love you. They love you so much that they’ve bought your available merchandise: T-shirts, stickers, demo disks… the works! Wait a minute, though. What if their band shirts get dirty? They sure can’t run around, day in and day out, wearing the same shirt. Your fans also can’t carry your demo disks and LPs everywhere, either. What can they do? I mean, I’m positive that they want to show off how amazingly awesome your band is, right? You want them to show everyone, too. How can they do it without going the limit of tattooing your band’s name onto their foreheads?

4. Wallets and Purses

They don’t even have to be in the best of quality. The only thing that matters to your fans is the quality of your music! Every time they go out and make a purchase, BAM! Sling that purse or wallet around, showing the band’s name, and I promise you. People will be, like, “Whoa, that’s an incredibly cool means of carrying money!” Then, your fans will respond, “You think this is cool? You should come check them out!”

3. Key Rings

Hmmm… they all drive, correct? No? They live in homes and have their house keys linked onto their key chains? Most of them do? Ok, then, that’s good enough. Key rings are a great way of promoting a band, and you can definitely get a good start at getting some customized key rings by visiting http://www.keyringscustom.com.au/options. You can feature your band name, band logo, and even choose the color scheme of their customizable keyrings.

2. Rings (Regular Rings)

You can’t say that rings are for women. I’ve seen more than enough guys sporting their fair share of prehensile, extremity jewelry. With that said, rings are stylish. Having your band’s logo plastered on top of stainless-steel piece of jewelry is always a good idea.

1. Cups/Glasses/Shot Glasses

Your fans are too cool for school, not only because they’re your fans. They go out, see your show, and then go celebrate at the after-party. It may not necessarily be your band’s after-party. There’s always an after-party, somewhere, with your fans. This is where the accessory of having your band’s name on a cup… or glass, comes in. What better ways of promoting your band than having your fan’s guests open up the cupboard and have your logo looking them in the face? Success!

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