Hello to all on this Veteran’s Day. Before we begin, I want to say a thank you to all military past & present. We appreciate all you do plus we love that you read Skope. I also want to send prayers to victims of Typhoon Hayain. It brings me to tears to think 10K+ lives perished at the hands of mother nature. Life is truly precious and we need to act accordingly. There is an interesting beef going on between the HMV iOS app and Apple. Apple has temporarily removed the HMV iOS app from the App Store because it allowed users to buy music downloads directly from HMV itself instead of through iTunes. I have to side with Apple as the iTunes app store is their house. Now lets get to the best part. I have Green Corn Revival, the ‘dark horse’ of Country music here and they released “Bound for Glory” on November 5, 2013. This musical group of 4 have created an uplifting, real, and exciting collection of music with the new album so I had to get them on. I will be listening to this album all day as I eat, drink and enjoy Veteran’s Day so join me as Jared Deck speaks on the “dark horse” alias, rural Oklahoma, the new album, and so much more!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and what were you for Halloween?

Jared: Weatherford, Oklahoma.The Lone Ranger.

Stoli: If the American citizens ran our own finances like the US government, we would be broke & bankrupt. Do you feel the government has lost it’s way and can we the people get it back?

Jared: Unfortunately, American citizens are in personal debt much like the government, and the government is merely a reflection of that. Personally, I feel like we the people – me, included – should get our own acts together, then vote the idiots out.

Stoli: Let readers know how Green Corn Revival came together and why are you called the “dark horse” of country music?

Jared: Green Corn Revival Has been my songwriting project since 2009. During that time, a lot of Western Oklahoma friends have come together to make these songs into something great. Living in Western Oklahoma, we don’t have a plethora of musicians, but what we have is quality. A lot of our musicians have moved away or moved on, but we keep working. While I am the primary songwriter, my wife, Jacy, plays keys and assists with lyrics and managing the group. Our guitarist, Brandon Cink, really came through on this album, recording guitar and bass. He and I have played in groups on and off since college. Cora Gutel has been a friend for a long time, and we finally had an opportunity to work together. Drew Wilson was recommended by a friend and turned out to be one of the biggest assets for our arranging and recording process. We were pleased to feature Daniel Foulks (violin – Samantha Crain) and Kevin Webb (pedal steel – Stoney LaRue, Burtschi Brothers) on this album, as well.

Our sound is not what many would expect to come out of rural Oklahoma, but once you’ve heard us, it fits quite well. We didn’t intend to be a country band, but our roots couldn’t be escaped.

Stoli: I love how your growing up in Oklahoma farm towns is part of your story. How has Oklahoma influenced and shaped your sound & image through your music?

Jared: We were raised around gospel and country music. When I was very young, I was exposed to 50s and early 60s rock-n-roll, but in Western Oklahoma, we had such little access to new music. No MTV, no internet – just small town radio. In and after college, I rediscovered my love for the Rock-N-Roll Era, took a healthy dose of classical music courses, and found Woody Guthrie. The Red Dirt folk and country history runs deep in our state. Our state’s history maybe jaded, but it is still ours. Green Corn Revival takes that concept and runs with it. When writing or in studio, it’s that landscape that runs through my head.

Stoli: I have the new album ‘Bound For Glory’ blasting on my PC thru Soundcloud and I am loving it! How long were you writing & recording and where can we grab a copy?

Jared: Some of the songs were written as recently as April, others three years ago. Jacy helped out tremendously, fixing my unfinished or misguided lyrics. We started working out the arrangements with Brandon and Drew last September.

“Bound For Glory” can be downloaded through links from our website to iTunes, Amazon MP3, or It can also be found on Spotify and several other sources.

Stoli: How have you grown personally & musically on this album from the debut album?

Jared: Making this album required much perseverence, and I feel that come through when listening. When we released the first album, we were new, fresh, and young. As time has passed, we’ve come to understand that creating music is a lifelong process. On the flip side, this has been the most efficient record-making experience I’ve had. Our group communicates and works together so well, that I’m enjoying playing and creating more than I ever have.

Stoli: There are five of you in the group on this album. Give us some insight into what each member brings to the table and do you hang out outside the music?

Jared: Generally speaking, the skill level of our group is the best I’ve worked with. Brandon has been the talent core of the album, playing lead guitar and bass on every track. We’ve been friends since college and he married a gal I grew up with. Cora is a powerhouse vocalist, a truly dependable alto, who brings raw strength to every descant. She is also an amazing friend, with a similar background, who really understands where this music comes from. We didn’t know Drew before starting this album, but what an excellent addition he has been. He listens and communicates so well, not to mention he can pull off any idea we come up with. Drew really added to the album with his ideas for song intros, section transitions, and song endings. Jacy helped me write a lot of lyrics that just weren’t coming, not to mention, she really brought out the use of mellotron on the album – it really became the highlight instrument. As my wife, she’s more than just a great keyboardist, she holds things together when I need help and manages much of our business. This album wouldn’t have been made without her.

Stoli: Your song “I’m Alive” makes me feel so good. What inspired that song instrumentals and lyrics?

Jared: In 2010, and again in 2012, we had a great opportunity to work as the backing band for Wanda Jackson at SXSW and for the release of her album “The Party Ain’t Over,” produced by Jack White. Her rockabilly style was already an influence, but this experience pushed it further. With “I’m Alive,” I wanted a rockabilly tune that takes a dark, left turn, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out, considering I rewrote the song three different times. Lyrically, I was inspired by the pastor of a small, full-gospel Baptist church in Clinton, OK, where I used to play piano and organ. He has dozens of repetitive quips and I borrowed a few of them. A veteran of the Korean conflict, his stories lent well to my writing style. He’s a great man and a great friend.

Stoli: I love the song “Hard Timin’ Monopolizin’ Blues.” How did you decide to make that song the lead single/video and what is the theme of the video?

Jared: I’ve never written a song quite like it. When I first demo’d it acoustically for others, people took notice. It grabs your attention from start to finish, and that – I am told – makes for a good single. Since it is quite different from our other material, it made me nervous, but I decided to embrace it.

The video demonstrates a person who, despite having everything they’ve ever wanted in life, still just cannot be happy. We took the idea of a corny 80s movie, where a teenage guy develops a crush on an older woman, and flipped it. This older woman fantasizes about being the life of the party, but doesn’t realize that everyone can see right through her.

Stoli: You had an album release party on 11/1/2013 at VZD’s in Okc, OK. How excited are you to play the new album to live audiences and what is a Green Corn Revival live show like?

Jared: We absolutely love performing. With six people on stage, we work to create a wall of sound that ranges from delicate moments to in-your-face rock-n-roll. We have a few in state shows and plan to tour more after the first of the year. Jacy and I are expecting a baby boy by the end of November and can’t wait to meet him!

Stoli: Twitter has gone public on NYSE. Do you feel that will make it take it from being a cool, groundbreaking social media tool to a corporate slave to shareholders?

Jared: I just hope it doesn’t charge for followers to see your tweets the way that Facebook does.

Stoli: What is your favorite part of being an independent band in 2013 and what does music add to your life personally & spiritually?

Jared: We’re all grateful for the opportunity to create music. I’ve always said that if you feel like you can quit music altogether, then you probably aren’t meant to do it. I can’t quit; I won’t. That’s what “Bound For Glory” is all about. Never give up.

Stoli: Where is Green Corn Revival @ online?


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