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Requiem for a Fool - Cover

‘Hungarian heavy metal’ sounds pretty intense, and Thornwill does not disappoint. Since their 2010 debut Implosion, they’ve been bangin’ along, shredding for live audiences across the Eastern Bloc, including at the Hungarian Metalfest.

Radio waves have carried them to stations way the hell over in Chile. And, yes, these guys have appeared MTV. Now signed with Nail Records, we have the release of their album Requiem for a Fool.

The track “Struck by Lightning” wastes no time launching into guitar crunch mayhem. Pay attention to 2:20, where a really nasty, Slayer-caliber, riff begins. Soon we get a solo with fretwork both demonic and melodic.

The track “Alone” begins comparatively low on the decibel-scale. Am a fan of the slow, rather ghostly-sounding intro guitar riff. Kinda wish it lasted longer. In my view, it’s a splendid riff and could probably sustain a whole song. Anywho, an acrobatic guitar solo takes flight at 6:20.

The vocals work well on the track “Lost Millennium.” More six-string acrobatics can be witnessed beginning at around 2:40.

“I am Hope” begins in menacing fashion. The vocalist is in his element here: Have a listen at 0:22.  

The title track leaps into action with a tweaked-out riff that dances across your speakers. Am much delighted by this sporadically occurring riff (such as found at 2:20). Makes me think of that ass-kicking Pantera song “Drag the Waters.”

It’s not often that one particular note has such an effect on me, but listen to 3:57. Check the way the blistering guitar solo ends on this creepy note. It feels like he stopped at the last point of sanity. Gorgeous.

The track “It’s Virtual” is decidedly mosh-pit friendly. Have a listen at 3:25. Check the way the guitar solo begins. This stuff is nuts. Where did this maniac come from?   On a separate note, the vocals are pretty sweet around 4:00.

“Eat me Alive” is a fine title for a metal track. Am a fan of the slow outro riff.

“Open your Eyes” begins differently from the other tracks. It’s like a regular rock song until about 1:12, when it charges into the metal which the band has by now thoroughly established.

Thornwill may want to “Destroy the Machines,” but I sure hope they keep their amps & instruments. This stuff kicks like Anderson Silva.

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