Leah Jee, Coming After You


Your music is recorded professionally and is well presented to be promoted to a large audience. Each track has a nice change (diversity) from the last, this is a fantastic way to be seen as a more unique artist.

Leah Jee’s music combines two massive genres in music which are not usually advised to be together. Pop and rock music have many different elements which also have to be considered when writing songs in those particular genres. Leah Jee’s most recent release “Coming after you “is almost an experiment of these two genres with an interesting and expressive outcome.  

The dynamic changes between the tempo and emotion of her latest release shows that she sees no boundaries when writing music.  

The fast paced verses and catchy hooks will have anyone tapping along as Jee’s memorable structure shows a talented piece of work.  

Artist: Leah Jee
Song: “Coming After You”
Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgONoAMlj0M

As well as writing a tuneful and memorable song, Jee also suits the part as her appearance shows a unique style of both a pop star with a rock edge. Combining two genres would never be an easy task for any musician, but Jee has taken a bold move and it has paid off well.

Jee also shows professionalism in her work as a very attractive and well shaped music video helps boast her online presents. Many pop/rock writers don’t tend to spend as much time promoting themselves and building connections, this is definitely an advantage for this aspiring young artist.

The future for Jee’s music should be an exiting movement depending on how she will continue to write her songs and the direction which she chooses to take. With talented vocals and fluent rhythmic songs, Jee’s next couple of releases will show how far she is willing to take her music.    

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