Class Reunion, Summer School


Living up to its name, the band Class Reunion consists of three former high school classmates from Chicago. Two of them reunited in 2007 and held some jam sessions. In 2009, they recruited the third old buddy and launched a band that draws on such influences as Tom Petty to produce a “nostalgic sound” that revivifies the classic rock they all know and love.

Now comes the album Summer School. According to Class Reunion, “The concept of this record is all about schools, from class issues to first-time romances, to remembering when.”

Indeed, the high school theme stays consistent throughout. With the possible exception of Sir-Mix-a-Lot’s Mack Daddy, I’ve never heard an album that stays so well to its subject matter.

The opening track, “School Daze,” is a rather raucous rebellion against school, its brutal authority, and its horrid bourgeois expectations for all the pupils.

Aside from adolescent rebellion, the album has a streak of innocence. I thought the track “Bedhead Lucy” might have some salacious content, but fear not ladies & gents, it seems to be about a kid who wants to malinger in a bed for just a few more minutes, before being carted off to that loathed dungeon of book-learning.

“Two of Us” is a sincere homage to puppy-love. It’s quite wholesome. I think of my grandparents having their first date over a root beer float.

“Cover to Cover” is a song that could strike a chord with large percentage of the 45-year-old-plus demographic.   I’d email this track to my Uncle Edgar, but I’m afraid he wouldn’t know how to open the attachment.

Suffice it so say, playfulness and nostalgia run rampant throughout Summer School. The songs are direct and without any sort of pretension.

This album makes me wanna sneak back to my old high school and smoke a butt in the boys’ room.

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