So you want to start a band. That is fantastic! Like any beginning career, it’s going to be hard work, but with passion and determination, anything is possible. Here are just a few quick tips for you on how to get started.

1. Form the Band, Pick the Genre- Well, to start a band, you first need… band members! Most bands have a guitarist, a bassist, a keyboard or piano player, and a lead singer with back up singers. If you can get people you know who are musically talented and that you get along with, that’ll help assure the bands endurance. As you’re choosing your musicians, think about what genre you want your band to be. What will the singers sing best? What do the musicians know how to play? What’s the majority preference? Should you alternate or mix-up genres as a fun variation?

2. Getting Down the Beginning Essentials- Once you have your members, now comes the hard work. You obviously need to practice, and so you need to find a place to practice: somebody’s basement or garage works well. Work on writing original songs, and practice the kind of music you guys will be playing. Practice like crazy! If you get a chance to record, being on top of your game with your music will make that process easier.

3. Get Yourself a Demo- Speaking of getting yourself recorded, that is the next step. Having demos of your music to hand out and give away is one of the best ways to promote your band. Get that done as soon as you are ready.

4. Advertisement- Promote your band any way possible! Put videos up on YouTube, make a Facebook page for friends and family to like and advertise. Put flyers up. Search for gig opportunities wherever possible, and whenever you get one, advertise it. Keep up with your fans and update anytime you have anything new or are playing again.

5. Look to Make Connections- As you practice and work hard and strive to make a name for your band, be on the lookout for agents, managers and professional music people. Get connections and make a good reputation whenever and wherever you can, because as you start to move forward, having people in the music industry you’re acquainted with make a difference. Part of making connections is finding places to perform. As you look for possible venues, visit SonicBids for potential places to perform.

The most important thing is to make sure your heart is in what you’re doing. As you strive to pursue the music career you dream of, just remember to work hard and never give up on what you love. Good luck!

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