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Like everyone, I have those musical faves that haven’t simply “made the list”; rather they are “etched into the very stone” of it. There was never enough J Mascis riff masturbation on vintage Dino Jr. albums; I’ve never not wanted another bouncing bass line solo from Geddy Lee. And I will always lean toward Ryan Adams and Jeff Tweedy when discussing the prowess of songwriters. While those musical moments are established, what I really look for in new music is an inability to adhere to a genre, style or sound. I seek out the boundary-pushing musical alchemists, who marry facets of music into a cohesive sound and create rather than play. For example…

Colorado quartet, Jack+Jill is a genre-bending Alt act drawing from multiple musical factions. Led by husband and wife team, Aaron and Jessica Seibert (“Jack” and “Jill” respectively). While sharing vocal duties, Aaron lends atmospheric channels of guitar and Jessica supplies plugged-in string fill violin… kind of like a Jam- and Country-tinged Fetchin’ Bones in function.

Jangle, effects-laden electric guitar and electric-bolstered string work usher in “Black Sheep.” This mid-tempo rocker has hints of Rockabilly, Appalachia and Rock style soaring guitar work. The tandem vocal delivery lends a complimentary harmony to a raw, backing musicality. More distorted electric riff work opens “Me, myselfish I” before the explosive amalgam of instruments joins the fold. Jessica takes vocal duties at the foreground while the trudge musicality takes the track to the agro chorus of more tandem lyrical delivery. “KMSA” opens with demure and melodic electric/acoustic tandem and the opening verse, but you get the impression that the track is building toward something. The 1:30 mark is that point. Full instrumentation pops behind Jessica’s string work, resulting in a strummy jam track. Weepy strings and dour electric sets a dark ethos for “Home Again.” The chug guitar carries Aaron’s raspy vocal delivery on its back while amped violin squeaks over backing instrumentation plunges ahead through to the breadth of the track.

COLORADiO is music with a mind and a soul. It’s deliberate in execution, but unchained in its conception. The myriad facets and genres present are bright, complementary and diverse; while the music itself is honed razor sharp. Production is raw and gritty (as it should be in my opinion) and it lends an honest, DIY- “feel” to the organic nature of the music. If Jack+Jill can convey this much energy, breadth and cacophony of sound amongst five-tracks; their next LP is certainly going to make listeners stand up and take notice.        

http://www.jackplusjill.com / https://www.facebook.com/jackplusjillpage

by Christopher West – cwestlaz@gmail.com

Rating: 4/5

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