From the time she was just 3 years old Cheridy Adams began singing. Now a young teen she was already composing her own songs. With a new hot single “Country Girls” out now and a career already underway, we caught up with Cheridy to discuss her music and a couple of important charity groups that Miss Adams wants you to know about.

Skope: How did you know that you were destined to become a singer and performer at such a young age?

Cheridy Adams: Not sure I knew exactly however it jus came natural. Music has always been a big part of my life and I loved the stories told through the lyrics of the songs. I feel as a young child me and my family would always create a music game while traveling down the road. Dad would always start off and it would go to mom then my sister and then myself each having to create a verse of the song within a limited amount of time. I feel this is why I can write a song start to finish with 15-20 minutes. I used to sing in church choir and when I was 3, I was given lead vocal in Christmas play singing Sweet Chariot and hearing the people in the church applauding and screaming afterwards I was hooked from that point on and it was as plain as the nose on my face this was Gods purpose for me

Skope: The single “Country Girls” is now picking up steam, did you write the song yourself or do you work with a songwriting team?

Cheridy: Country Girl was written by me about me. It’s what I am about. The only song writing crew I have is God, myself, parents, and my pets. Lol. Although their writing and speaking skills are non existent never underestimate the motivation our pets can give…..of course the feedback is never harsh and that is where Dad comes in. Lol. Mom helps with putting my thoughts into words at times but mainly just me

Skope: As a country artist, who are some of your favorites and if you could aspire to be like any of them, who would it be?

Cheridy: I have many favorites in Country Artist dating back to the Carter Family all the way to present day with Miranda Lambert. I see myself more like Miranda more so than any other. Take me as I am I do not put on any airs about who I am or what I am about.

Skope: You had the opportunity to sing for Miranda Lambert and sang “House That Built Me”, bringing Miranda to tears. What was that experience like and how did it affect you?

Cheridy: Singing Miranda’s song to Miranda was pretty incredible. She is such a awesome lady and her allowing me to do that jus further instilled in me my goal of being a Country music star and   CMA’S Female Artist and Entertainer of the year

Skope: What is it about country music that you connect with?

Cheridy: I love music in general all types: Country, rock, pop, hip hop, rap, r&b, jazz. My connection with Country music   is more about me being true to myself n fans as to who I am and what I am about.


Skope: Back to “Country Girls”, what is the song about?

Cheridy: Country Girl song is about me and what I love to do. I wrote the song one night we were training some dogs n got stuck n while I waited for the tractor to come n pull us out the song hit me and I wrote it down

Skope: You’re supporting a couple of charities with your music, will you tell us about them and why it’s important to you?

Cheridy: St Judes and Shriners are both near and dear to my heart. The children at these places are so incredibly strong and they appreciate the gift of life making each day count. The entire organization and staff are incredible as well. St Judes and Shriners have both helped and cured members of my family and I have seen first hand the miracles inside the walls of both of these organizations and for God to have blessed me with my talent I feel I owe it to each child in every room of these places to give 110% when I perform n sing. You could say God and those brave kids are my fuel

Skope: You love to perform and sing nearly every weekend in your homestate of Louisiana, are you planning to travel or tour around the country anytime soon?

Cheridy: Yes we are currently playing the 3 state area and if things go well will be hopefully touring up North within a year. Currently I bounce back and forth from studio to show it almost seems daily. We are working on finishing the entire cd Country Girl Unleased the latter part of the year and at the same time I am working on my first Gospel Cd “When Jesus Calls” due out mayb in first quarter of next year. Have some really big named stars helping me with it so I am real excited about the out come

Skope: What does the future hold for Cheridy Adams?

Cheridy: I hope the future holds a contract from a major label. I feel really good about my future and as long as God is leading the way in my quest to become a Country Music Star I don’t feel like I can go wrong.

I would like to send a special Shout out to 2 time Grammy award winning guitarist Ron Johnson for his help on putting the arrangement together with his awesomeness at guitar and music in general. Both him and his nephew Alex are a pleasure to work with and this guy Ron is such an incredible instructor he just dont kno. Nothing but love for the entire crew at BJ Beatz in Shreveport Louisiana for helping me and also to you all at Skope for helping me get my message out. You guys are an incredible top notch group to work with and to all my fans young and old together we eill make a difference at both St Judes and Shriners     thank uou for ur support and plz share my pages and music to help spread the word. Thank u and May God Bless you all

You can order her cd single “Country Girls” by contacting or check her out on facebook An Official Cheridy Adams site is in the works.

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