There’s magic in the music of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Marcus Linon. Passion, urgency, energy, gorgeous melodies and creative lyrics, served by a sharp voice that sometimes reminds you of Peter Hammill’s. Here are some of the attributes of Marcus, a talented young musician from Paris, whose first album, ‘Catch 22’, is about to be released. Add to this the fact that Marcus plays all the instruments, great multi-layered drumming, incisive guitar riffs, melodic keyboards and you have the foundation for a serious talent to pay attention to.

Says Marcus, “At the time I did this record, the most important thing was to try and do something that’s special/different, the structures of the songs, the sound. I wanted to try and do something that’s ‘easy to listen’ for the majority of people, but when you go deeper, you realize it is much more complex than what it lets you hear the first time you listen to it.”

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