On “Bully,” Jarren Benton teams up once again with producer Kato and shares the mic with Philadelphia rapper Vinnie Paz, both serving up their characteristically gritty, raw and in-your-face lyrics and delivery. “I’ve always been a fan of Vinne Paz, from his work with Jedi Mind Tricks,” says Jarren Benton, “I always thought he was a beast as a rapper…Kato sent the beat over to Vinnie, and [he] just went nuts on it. I wrote off [his] verse and it all came together from there.” With production that swings from an epic intro featuring church bells, strings and a gothic choral melody to a bass thumping kick drum and piano riff with scratches by Funk Volume’s DJ Hoppa, the track is a perfect fit for both rappers’ bold and aggressive styles. “I think with beats like this, you just have to dumb out,” says Jarren Benton, “Beasting-I’m a beast-that’s the main message that I’m trying to get across.”
Listen to the song here:  


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