Cheech and Chong, Animated Soundtrack


Cheech and Chong were, and probably still are, the kings of humor that’s often drug based and seems quite stupid, while having a definite intelligence to it. They poke fun at society and at themselves — or at least charactures of themselves. Well, really, they are characters who happen to share names with the men who portray them. Now there’s a new animated Cheech and Chong film and with it, a soundtrack album. Reviewing this as a music album isn’t the easiest thing. Sure, there is music, but it’s definitely less substantial than the music of the spoof band Spinal Tap. Often times the music is more just a vehicle for the jokes. Some of this stuff, like “Medical Marijuana Blues” is new. Other things are old classics like “Earache My Eye.” The truth is, this is probably highly recommended for long time fans of Cheech and Chong.

It would also work reasonably well as an introduction to their particular brand of humor. As for me, it has me anxious to see the movie.

Official Rating: 8 of 10


Review by Mary Angela Tobin edited by J.J. McCall
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