Fidelis is an up and coming songwriter and singer with a flair for hooks with soul. Part neo-soul, pop, piano and even country blues, Fidelis’ single demonstrates that you don’t have to follow the rules to create something articulate and memorable.

Skope: Tell us a little about your single “I Could Do Better”. Is it a personal story?

Fidelis: On some level it is a personal story, you know as the name implies it’s about a relationship I had a while back, but I wrote the song quite a while ago just after the relationship ended.

Skope: Who do you identify most with as an artist? What influences you to write?

Fidelis: One of my favourite artist would be Neyo. I think he has great writing but I get inspiration everywhere, from real life situations to other artists such as Usher Frank Ocean, Neyo etc.

Skope: Are you a musician as well as a singer? What instruments do you play?

Fidelis: At the moment I only play the guitar but I’m in the process of learning the piano.

Skope: Did you work with a producer or do you have a home studio setup?

“I Could Do Better” MP3:

Fidelis: I do have a small home studio setup but yes I mainly work with a producer.

Skope: Can fans expect an e.p. or album anytime soon?

Fidelis: Fans can definitely expect an e.p but I’m not sure as to when it will be released.

Skope: Where can people go to hear “I Could Do Better”?

Fidelis: It’s not really up yet anywhere but it soon will be. *Note – you can hear the song on our Skope Player now.

Skope: Do you perform live? Do you have a band?

Fidelis: I do not have a band, but I have performed live in a few small venues

Skope: Are you more of a songwriter or an entertainer? Do you perform other people’s music and if so, who do you cover?

Fidelis: I am equally both. I love writing but my job is to entertain and yes, I do perform other people’s songs like Ed Sheehan, Trey Songz, Jason Mraz etc.

Skope: I like that your song crosses over several genres of music, is that something you did intentionally or do you just allow the music to sort of find it’s own direction?

Fidelis: I sort of just let the music do its thing, I’m just there to help it along. Once its out it speaks for itself.

Skope: Any last words you’d like to let Skope readers know about you?

Fidelis: Hi I’m Fidelis and I’m 17 and you are reading Skope Magazine: look out for my new single coming out soon “I Could Do Better”.

You heard it here first. Be sure to check out Fidelis’ “I Could Do Better”. We’ll be expecting big things from this artist in the future.

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